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Tudor Wines

For WINE TASTING COUPONS to our favorite wineries, text "Specials" to 24587 or go to https://pasorobleswineries.net/wine-tasting-specials

Every year our grandfather Dan Tudor used to make wine for his friends and family. It’s a tradition. The Tudor family has been growing grapes and lavender – and making wine on the Island of Hvar in Croatia – for over 2,000 years. The family began growing grapes in California early in the 1900’s and continues to farm premium table grapes in Delano to this day. In an increasingly mechanized world, there are still a few handmade products that stand out. Fine wine is one of them. We select fruit from family owned vineyards and transform it into wine using traditional techniques. These include small fermentations mixed by hand and aging in French barrels. The resulting Tudor Wines have a purity of natural expression that cannot be duplicated on a larger scale.