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Centrally Grown

7432 Exotic Garden Dr
Cambria, CA 93428
(805) 927-3563

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At Centrally Grown, we are inspired by nature and strive to cultivate curiosity in all that we do. We believe that less is more – from less pesticides to less steps between the planted seed and your plate. Every part of Centrally Grown is influenced by our community, from local farmers to local artisans.

Our core values can be summed up in three words: Less is More. In everything we grow and harvest, in everything we package (or unpackage), in everything we source and build, we strive to do more good through less harm to our food, bodies and land.

Centrally Grown is a neighborhood of sustainably-conscious spaces built on the philosophy that healthy people build healthy communities. It is this simple but profound belief that reconnects the values of the past with the lifestyles of the present.

Throughout the Centrally Grown experience, we invite our neighbors to learn alongside us as we continually explore global resources, the environment, the food system, and our daily practices. Together, we will savor meals and beverages prepared from locally grown harvests. We will protect and enjoy our natural surroundings. We will discover how personal choices can create lasting change, one community at a time.