Speedfind handles all of your Location Marketing Needs!

Speedfind Online Store Locator Tab
Instantly Displays Your Closest Locations
Automatically Determines User's Location
Recognizable Speedfind Tab on Every Page of your Website
One Click Send to Phone
Enhanced user Personalization (mobile phone, email, etc.)
Fully interactive Google Map
Quick Links to Your Social Media Pages
Instant Sharing and posting via SMS, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
Improves SEO Ranking
High Conversion to Calls and Store Visits
Either Replace or Complement Any Existing Store Locator Solution
Speedfind Single Location Page (SLP)
Separate mobile Location Page, Link and QR Code for Every Location
Optimized for SEO and Schema.org
Optimized for all desktop, tablet and mobile devices
Optimized for all mobile and online Operation Systems
Optimized for all mobile and online Browsers
Custom, last-mile directions to Correct Google and Other Map Errors
Parking Tips and Tricks for Each Location
Individual and Aggregate Reporting and Geoanalytics
Real-Time management from Speedfind Dashboard
Speedfind Brand and Multiple Location Pages
Automatically shows your Brand's closest locations
Automatically determines User's location
Can be grouped or sorted numerous ways (features, geography, events, etc.)
Quick Link to each SLP for all displayed locations
Create, Use and Track numerous Speedfind pages
Optimized for all mobile and online Browsers
Separate, Readable Link and QR Code for every Group
Individual and Aggregate Reporting and GeoAnalytics
Automatically synchronized with single location updates
Real-Time management from Speedfind Dashboard
Customizable Starting Points
Mobile Optimization
Optimized for all mobile devices, browsers, and OSs
One Click to Call
One Click for Directions
Automatically Determines Users Location
One Touch links to Google and Apple Maps voice turn by turn directions
Maps include real-time traffic
Facebook Location Finder Application
Dedicated Facebook Location Finder App with all Speedfind Features
Familiar Look and Feel to All Speedfind Location Pages
Automatically shows the closest locations to User
Includes all Speedfind Features on your Facebook Page
Advanced Social Media Sharing Across All Media (google+, etc.)
Unified Management and Control from Speedfind Dashboard
Supports both Separate and Combined Reporting and GeoAnalytics
Online and Mobile Sharing, Social Media and Word of Mouth Marketing Features
Separate Speedfind Location Links for Every Location, Brand, or Group
Short Easy Speedfind Link for tweets, texts, and emails
Users can instantly post location/brand link on Facebook
Users can instantly post location/brand link on Google+
Users can instantly send custom Tweet including location/brand link.
Quick user access to Your Social Media Pages
Users can instantly send location/brand link via SMS, email, etc.
Management Dashboard, Reporting and analytics
Easy Simple and intuitive dashboard shows basic information at a glance
Real-time Universal Geographic Database (RUGD™) enables real-time location information management and publishing
RUGD updates are available and published instantly
Aggregate, Group and Single Location reporting
Tracks Calls, Directions, Shares, etc.
Full HMTL Editable Editor
APIs for developer access and integration of location information
Google Map correction and enhancement tools for every location
Customizable Google Map can be changed instantly (type, scale, location adjustments)
GeoAnalytics shows where users were when they visited
Supports Export of customized and detailed reporting via Excel
Supports limited authorization for multiple managers for each store
Simple yet powerful Specials and Promotions widget with automatic expiration management
Turn any SLP or MLP on or off at any time
Other SEO and SEM Marketing Tools
High Conversion to Calls and Directions in Paid Search Results reduces CPA
Super Optimized SEO increase organic search traffic
Schema.org compliant and optimized
Integration with Google+ and Facebook Social Media Pages
Enables and encourage multiple Links to/from all websites and social media
Other Enhanced Speedfind Features and Options
Full integration and Control of Google + Pages
Integration with Google's Business View for Every Location
Speedfind AdSense Campaigns for Calls and Store Visits
Other Benefits
Speedfind is designed to make your website(s) and social media pages the preferred source of your definitive location information
Speedfind's Direct Search™ system drives your customers straight to you
Speedfind is Ad Free
Speedfind Location Pages avoid handing users off to Google and other maps
Unlike Google and others, Speedfind will never try to redirect anyone looking for your brand(s) to your competitors or aggregators
Economies of Scale let Speedfind provide you a comprehensive, world-class solution at very low price
Speedfind's network effect helps users see a personalized, highly consistent interface for thousands of locations