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The Fastest Way to Find

The Speedfind Add-On automatically displays the 3 closest locations when you are on your favorite websites!

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Why Use Speedfind?

Speedfind Is Easy

All you have to do is click! Speedfind is always sitting nicely on the page's left sidebar waiting to help you find a location.

Speedfind Is Accurate

We get our data directly from the business. The business can update the information in real-time so you won't experience any publishing delays.

Speedfind Is Universal

Regardless of which retailers website you are on, it will work exactly the same. When you click the Speedfind tab, you will instantly see the 3 closest locations.

Want to add the Speedfind Slider to your website?

We know users love the Speedfind Slider and wish it was on every website they visit. Well, good news... now you can add the Speedfind Slider to your own website so regardless of Browser or Device, your visitors can quickly find your stores location. Your users get all the benefits of the Speedfind Slider plus you get all the benefits of the analytics and reporting! Plus you can manage exactly what your customers see when they click on the Speedfind Slider. To lean more about all the benefits of installing the Speefind Slider on your website email us for a free trial at info@speedfind.com